So you've mastered flying and now you want to try something a bit more exciting. Well have a look at fpv but be careful because it will get its claws into you and your wallet!

Simple fpv setup

Here's a simple cheap set up which will give you an idea if it's for you without having to outlay too much money.

Antenna gain and polarisation 

This contains a really good video which gives you a good understanding of how gain and polarisation work.

FPV wiring diagram 

This diagram will give you an idea of how fpv systems fit together.

Increase your fpv range 

This video will show you how to increase your range without increasing transmitter power, by just using different antennas.

Using a Go Pro for FPV  

Some people don't know that you can use your gopro to record whilst transmiting; this video will show you how.

build your own clover leaf  

This will give you a clearer picture with a home made clover leaf antenna.