Basic RC Electronics- the principles 

Basic wiring diagram for RC planes  

This is a basic layout you might find in any electric plane it should give you an idea of how to run your wiring and what the connections should be

Basic power system 

This video tells you a little bit about power system layouts and how the power is distributed. It also points out the importance of matching the different parts of your power system together to avoid components burning out and how to select those components

Transmitters and recievers 

Transmitters and recievers are the core of anything that is radio control and in this video they will explain a bit about the basics of how they work

Putting a power system together

Choosing a propeller 

Propeller sizing can be difficult, in this video flight test will explain what the numbers mean on the prop and how that effects the performance of it. I should point out that any prop can be used as a pusher not just counter rotating ones. There are also some more useful resources in the description bar below the video and if you want to delve even further in to this complex subject there are other resources like Motocalc and Drivecalc

Choosing an ESC 

Think of the ESC as being in the center of your power setup, it will take power from your battery and send it to the motor, reciever and servos and as such it needs to marry up to all of them. In this video he will explain how to select the right size ESC to complement your battery and motor. He will also tell you about the BEC (battery eliminating curcuit) which feeds the servos.

All about BEC's 

This will give you a brief insight in to the BEC, including when you need one and when you don't.

BEC wiring diagram 

 Here is how it should look, don't forget to snip the red wire!


Lipo's (lithium polimer batteries) must be treated with respect and it is important to charge, use and store them correctly. Here you can learn how to do that and what the lipo capacities, cells  and ratings mean. Also how to use those numbers to select the right battery for your power system requirements

How to choose your motor 

This video will tell you about how kv affects the way a motor delivers its performance and information to help you choose which motor is right for you 

Reversing motor direction 

If after all your hard work you find you are pulling rather than pushing or visa-versa, here is how to fix it


Some advanced stuff


If you are going to put any power system together you are going to need to be able to solder at some point. In this video Bruce will show you the equipment and techniques for achieving a good result. Have a go, soldering irons are relatively cheap and you will be surprised how easy it is.

Frequency hopping 2.4ghz systems 

This is quite an interesting topic overlooked by many. In this video Bruce will tell you how the better 2.4ghz transmitters use all of the 2.4ghz spectrum as opposed to two or three bits of it, which the cheaper systems do. This can make a huge difference to whether you stay in control of your model or not, especially if you are flying where, for example, there might be a lot of wireless modems transmitting their signal.


Latency is basically the delay between your stick input and the movement of the control surface. For most people it is not an issue but here Bruce will explain when it does become an issue