Aileron- control surface on the wings controls roll

Air speed- speed of the aircraft in relation to the air i.e. if you're travelling 10mph into a head wind that is 15mph, you are doing a 25mph air speed.

ARTF- almost ready to fly. This can be anything from just an airframe to a complete kit, but which still requires assembly.

bec- battery elimination circuit, use when your electronic speed controller's bec is too small or doesn't have an inbuilt one to provide enough power for the servos.

3 channel- 3 channels of control: usually rudder, elevator and throttle

 4 channel- 4 channels of control: aileron, rudder, elevator and throttle

Depron- usually 6mm foamboard, ideal for building scratchbuild planes

dive test- a test to see where your centre of gravity is. You have to make sure your plane is properly trimmed- then when it is in the air let it glide with no power and no stick inputs. If the nose starts to come down the nose is too heavy, if it starts to come up the tail is too heavy.

DLG- discuss launch gliders. Gliders that are launched by their wing tips in a discuss fashion.

EDF- electric ducted fan, usually found in jets.

elevator- control surface at the rear of the aircraft which controls pitch.

esc- electronic speed controller, controls the electronic impulses to the motor.

failsafe- some recievers are capable of being programmed to default parameters, so that if the aircraft looses touch with the transmitter, it will default to these parameters, (i.e. set at half throttle and return to home). 

flaps- control surfaces on a wing that are used to give more lift at lower air speeds.

flight stabiliser- a device that uses gyros and accelerometers to stabilise an aircraft. Some also have GPS for return to home, altitude hold and waypoint functions

fpv- first person view. 

Ground speed- speed of the aircraft in relation  to the ground.

KV rating- the RPM per volt.

OSD a device that produces on screen data about position, height, speed, orientation and battery levels

lipo- lipo battery.

rudder- control surface on the vertical stabiliser controls yaw

RTF- comes with everything you need to get into the air, may need some minor assembly


rx- receiver, device in the aircraft that processes signals from the transmitter and controls the aircraft

scratchbuild- totally original design and build

tip stall- a situation where there is no longer enough air travelling over the wing to give lift, leading to a downward spiral


trim- adjustment of control surfaces to enable straight and level flight when the tx sticks are in neutral positions

tx - transmitter, radio controller that transmits the signal to the plane or the transmitter on a aircraft that transmits video down to the pilot