A world of  RC experts

If you can't find the answer to your question among these pages then you will definitley find it at these forums.

RC Groups 

 This is probably the largest RC forum in the world. It might take a bit of finding but you will find your answer on this website. On the rare occasion that you don't, just register, find the appropriate forum and ask the question. There are experts in every field of RC here and lots of people who are ready and willing to help.

Flite test 

If you find RC groups to be a bit daunting try 'Josh and Josh' at flite test. There are some great entertaining RC videos and a forum with many enthusiastic and friendly RC hobbyists 


If you want to build a plane from scratch then try RC Powers, another great forum and lots of plans to down load 

FPV Lab 

A forum for all things FPV

Fly quiet 

A forum for the purist form of flying, gliding and DLG


A general forum for all things RC flight related


A UK based RC forum