RC flight basics

Learning to fly part 1 of 4

If you have never flown an RC plane or even seen one flying these chaps will show you exactly what to do and, just as importantly, what not to do.

How to fly a 4 channel plane

If you're bored with the bank and yank 3 channel planes and want to move up to a 4 channel for a more realistic flying experience, then this video will briefly outline what the controls are and give you an idea of whats involved

 Centre of gravity

This is a subject frequently overlooked by beginners and often to their cost. With an unbalanced plane you can get all sorts of strange flying characteristics and end up in the dirt having no idea of what happened nor of finding out, as your plane now has a totally different centre of gravity to that which it had 5 seconds ago!

What tip stall looks like

This is tip stall and its not nice. It can often happen to beginners through being too timid on the throttle, especially when coming in to land. The difficulty for beginners who are teaching themselves is that you have no idea what just happened which then makes you even more timid on the throttle next time and you can guess the rest! So have look at it and try to recognise it ready for when it happens to you. A good visual demonstration is at 1m15secs on the video 

why tail heavy is bad

More information on plane balancing. I know I keep stressing this but that's how important it is.