If you have always wanted to get into RC planes as a hobby ,or are thinking about gift  ideas for someone, then this is the site for you.

Here at "RC Planes for Beginners" we know how difficult it is for people who are new to the hobby to find the right beginner plane for them. So using our own experience of researching the internet to build and fly many planes and multi-rotors, we have come up with a collection of video tutorials and articles from all over the internet, that hopefully you will find useful and that will no doubt save you hours of trawling through a multitude of pages of content, some of which are irrelevant and confusing. 

This is by no means the definitive response and you may not immediately find the answer to your specific query. However there is a world of RC experts, who will have the answer but who are 'hiding' in all sorts of forums around the internet, and this website aims to direct you to them.

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