This is a skill you really could do with learning about. If you have never attempted it don't panic its much easier than you might imagine.

In the video Bruce has top end equipment but don't be put off by that, it will probably be a while before you're thinking of building any circuit boards. I have a cheap 35 watt soldering iron and its great for soldering wires together, soldering battery connectors and all the other basic jobs you need to do in order to build and maintain an RC plane.

A little tip I have learned if you cant seem to get the wire you're soldering hot enough, is to put a drop of solder on the tip so that when the tip of the iron touches the wire that little blob of solder gets in between all the strands of wire a creates more surface area for heat to transfer into the strands.

It is also a good idea to buy yourself a pack of different size heat shrink tubing from ebay or somewhere