Basic FPV

If you want to try fpv it can get expensive fairly quickly so before you buy a load of expensive radio gear get yourself a cheap system like this. A lot of RC suppliers sell a beginner kit that has everything you need to get started and for the most part you can replace each part with more expensive gear as you go along.
when you first fly fpv it does make it easier if you install a flight stabiliser
it doesn't have to be an expensive one, they are available from around £10 and they make FPV a whole lot easier.

 But don't worry if you don't have a stabiliser, just make sure you are very familiar with your plane. I would also recommend inviting a friend along as a spotter and going to a place you are familiar with, especially if you don't have an OSD. It is too easy when you are flying via a screen or goggles to get lost and not be able to work out which way is home , then before you know it you're out of range and your plane is lost. Its also advisable to familiarise yourself with antenna polarisation so you have an understanding of how to keep a good video signal.