Super Cub with SpektrumHBZ7400UK Super Cub DSM RTF 
HBZ7400UK1 Super Cub DSM RTF (mode 1)

The semi-scale electric powered Super Cub is a complete one-box purchase with everything included, so that newcomers choosing the "teach yourself" route to model flying can get flying right away with no additional purchases necessary.

The model is constructed from lightweight Z foam that gives the Cub incredible durability and superb scale looks. The great looks are supported with other more functional features such the latest 2.4 GHz Spektrum DX 4E radio system, which with its superb interference rejection properties allowing fully proportional control of throttle, rudder and elevator. On board Anti Crash Technology (ACT) helps minimize the risk of crashing due to over control.

So how does the ACT work? The Super Cub has two ACT sensors mounted on the top and bottom of the fuselage that constantly monitor the position of the plane in relation to the ground. If it looks to be entering a steep dive or possible crash situation it will automatically correct the model's position allowing the pilot time to regain control.

As more flying experience is gained the ACT feature can be switched off from the transmitter allowing for increased manoeuvrability. Better still is the fact that once you are able to handle the model confidently you can make use of the optional X-Portâ„¢ accessories such as the Aerial Drop Module or a float kit should you want to try your hand at water take offs and landings!

Equipped with a powerful 480 geared brushed motor and a 3S 11.1V 1300Mah LiPo flight battery the Cub has superb performance and duration to match its great looks, and comes complete with everything needed to get into the air in as little time as possible without the need for additional building, gluing, or painting.

Thanks to the extensive amount of pre-fabrication speedy assembly of less than one hour is possible, and it only requires that the one-piece wing, tail plane, elevator pushrod and landing gear are attached. The included DVD and fully detailed instruction manual show exactly how this should be done, and if you do this while the battery is on charge the Cub can be flight ready in no time at all.