The Hobbyzone Firebird Stratos is an easy to fly radio control radio controlled model aircraft featuring state-of-the-art patent pending Virtual Instructor technology that is like having an expert RC pilot at your side operaing on 2.4 GHz. 

Hobbyzone Firebird Stratos RTF R/C Plane Image
The Virtual Instructor technology helps prevent accidents and damage to your aircraft by invisibly assisting in keeping the wings level, the turns smooth and descents and landings safe. Once basic flying ability improves the Virtual Instructor technology can be disabled allowing for more spirited flying.

Crammed full of innovative features such as a built in wing levelling system that can automatically correct the angle of bank in a turn if the transmitter stick is left at neutral, thrust differential on the twin motors, vortex generators and 2.4 GHz radio technology.

The airframe itself also features user and flight friendly features to ensure that the model can survive the inevitable bumps and bounces that can occur during the flight training process. These include breakaway

magnet-mounted wings, durable but easily repairable Z Foam construction, removable landing gear for belly landing and a shock absorbing rubber nose. The striking red and white colour scheme helps the novice pilot with the orientation of the model in the air.

On board the sophisticated electronic system with active control mixing takes the stress out of landings by automatically mixing the throttle and elevator controls so that when the throttle is reduced the elevator control is adjusted to help keep the models nose up as airspeed is reduced. A mix of rudder to elevator is also available to help the pilot maintain altitude during turns and the beauty of this feature is that it can be turned off as flying skills increase.