There are many different types of glue you can use for building models but heres a few of the more popular ones used in the RC community

Epoxy: This is a two part adhesive which is mixed together and cures in a specific time, they can be bought with different cure times i.e. 5 min, 15 min and 30 min epoxies. one thing to note, the quicker the cure time the more brittle it tends to be. It does work better on more porous materials although plastics and aluminium can work well if they are clean and the surface is roughened with sandpaper. Its ideal for model building in the workshop although for fast repairs at a flying site you may want to consider something else or use a 5 minute epoxy.

 Hot Glue: The bold pilots best friend! This is exactly what it says "hot glue" its applied using a hot glue gun which is plugged in to a power supply. you can use it in the workshop or at a flying site (so long as you have a power supply. some people use a power inverter in their 12v vehicle sockets)  Hot Glue is the heaviest glue so you need to use it sparingly, it is probably not a good idea to build a whole plane with it. Its best used for quick fixes after a crash or for gluing electronics in place like receivers and bec's. Be aware that the glue can sometimes get too hot for some foams so don't leave your gun plugged in for too long before you use it. If you want a smooth finish you can use an ice cube to smooth the surface which obviously helps it to cool quickly too.

CA: Some of you will know CA glue better as super glue, its good for small repairs but it does tend to be a bit brittle. Be careful with this stuff because its sometimes not just the plane that gets glued together! It will stick most things to each other however it can melt some foam so try it on a scrap piece first

Gorilla glue: Gorilla glue is messy, takes a few hours to dry, but it does a good job. This glue swells up which has its advantages and disadvantages. It's good because it fills in gaps and holds well, it's bad because it must be trimmed and sanded to look good.