Gluon pilot

The previous hardware iterations gave us the experience we needed to design this new best-in-class autopilot system. Some of the key features are:

Small! Slightly above 4 x 5cm

Integrated: All needed sensors (including the switched power supply) are on the main board

Easy to use: an on-board USB connector will make you feel very familiar

2 voltage inputs for batteries

1 current sensor input

Extendable: all pins are available on the extension board (I2C, SPI, GPS, ...)

Rewritten OSD firmware with unique features: wind indicator, current navigation block name

Future proof: Your gluonpilot won't be outdated after 1 or 2 years: our firmware and ground control station is still backwards compatible with gluonpilot 0.1 (2009!)

For techy lovers:

MPU-6000 based

High-Efficiency switched voltage regulator at 2.5Mhz which gives it us even better efficiency and a very small footprint

Top quality components for optimum performance: X7R capacitors & 1% resistors

Enough solder jumpers & in- & output ports to customize it to your needs